Each year, we foster the development of the museum ecosystem boosting it with innovation and creativity. Startups and early-stage tech projects have always been fundamental elements in We Are Museums.

This year, we want to harness the full potential of our event to create broader opportunities with a full exclusive programme. Tech Loves Culture will be a space of conviviality, discovery and relaxation, for appointments to be made naturally and collaborations to be born with ease. Each project leader will have the opportunity to give a short introduction to the plenary session but also to join a full acceleration day so startups and museums will land to reality to start working together.

Whether it’s to discover the new products or services that will change the museums of tomorrow or to explain your needs to professionals waiting to collaborate, Tech Loves Culture is the place where innovation meets its “angels”

We want to start building a powerful ecosystem to accelerate innovation in museums based on openness, benevolence and purpose. 

They will exhibit at Tech Loves Culture

In details

The program – The Tech Loves Culture program offers a space to startup, small business, entrepreneur or creative with early-stage or matured projects so you can showcase your products or services in a friendly environment. It includes a short introduction of the project to the plenary session on top of a dedicated learning expedition during the third day inspired by hackathon and match-making workshops.

The space – We offer an individual exhibition and testing space in a friendly corner to create a special and unique connection with the participants. It includes a table, 2/3 seats and a sign with your logo. Wifi will be provided in the venue as well as electricity plugs, power strips and extension cords, and a screen can also be provided upon request.

The pitch on plenary – Each project be able to speak in plenary for 5 minutes the first day of the conference in order to introduce the idea or the project, but also to look for collaborators or anything that could be useful at the moment.