Marthe de Vet, Head of Interpretation and Education, Van Gogh Museum (The Netherlands)


Marthe de Vet (1974) is Head of Interpretation & Education at the Van Gogh Museum. She is in charge of interpretation of the collections, research and exhibitions, in the museum, online and through outreach. Marthe has been working in museums for over 20 years. She strives to make art and culture accessible to as many people as possible. She is interested in how museums can adapt their governance and way of working to keep up with a rapidly changing world and new audiences.  Marthe studied art history at the University of Leiden (M.A.).

"Van Gogh connects. Van Gogh Museum learns how to become more relevant for young people with migrant roots."

Lightning talk part of the session "Becoming neighbors " on Tuesday 28 May

Western societies are changing. The Van Gogh Museums learns in a 4-year research programme with young Amsterdam adults with migrants roots and through impact research how it can become more inclusive in a sustainable way.

Western societies are changing. There are now new audiences, who are less likely to visit museums as a matter of course and museums are less familiar with. The Van Gogh Museum wants to inspire as many people as possible worldwide with the life and work of Vincent van Gogh. In order to remain relevant to a wide audience in a changing world, the museum’s inclusion and education policy focus on young people, those with a physical disability and vulnerable elderly people. Marthe de Vet (Head of Education & Interpretation) will explain how a big, international museum learns with local communities how to become more inclusive. The case study will be Van Gogh connects, a four-year research programme in which the Van Gogh Museum learns how to gain more relevance for young Amsterdam residents aged between 18 and 30 years old with a migrant background.