Kwasi Hope Agyeman, CEO + Founder, TravelSee LLC (United States)


As a trained public historian and tech entrepreneur, Kwasi Hope Agyeman gained his MA in Museum Studies at The Cooperstown Graduate Program, the leading museum school in the United States. As a museum professional, he’s dedicated to closing the data analytics gap that affects over 5 million museums and cultural sites. Specifically, in the United States, over 50% of museums and cultural sites lack the tools to grow and keep audiences. To solve this problem, Kwasi launched TravelSee – an online platform that uses data analytics to help museums gro audiences.
Our platform empowers museum professionals who want to use the right metrics to make smart, data-backed decisions. TravelSee has worked with over 300 museum professionals, analyzed over 950 museum data sets and won multiple startup awards.

"Museum Data Analytics"

Workshop on Tuesday 28 May at 11h15

Learn about museum data analytics and how data-driven marketing decisions can grow and keep audiences.

Museum professionals often make audience-based decisions based on limited data results and anecdotal experiences. This is an outdated and inefficient form of museum marketing. Data analytics fixes that problem. This presentation will look at the resources museum professionals use to track, collect and analyze audience data. Interested in using data analytics to grow visitor attendance, boost audience engagement and increase revenue? Join this discussion and learn the steps to make data-driven museum decisions.

Benefits for the participants

– Gain a robust understanding of museum data analytics
– Participate in a data-driven activity that uses museum data analytics
– Develop the basic skillsets to make data-driven museum decisions
– Learn best practices for planning a data-driven museum marketing budget


Lecture followed by a workshop