Kristin Alford, Director, MOD. at UniSA (Australia)


Dr Kristin Alford is a futurist and the Director of MOD. at the University of South Australia. MOD. launched in May 2018 as Australia's leading future-focused museum designed to inspire young adults at the intersection of science, art and innovation. Current futures interests include work and learning, climate action and sustainable societies. Prior to this role, Kristin was the founder of foresight agency Bridge8, facilitating foresight and communications projects around emerging technologies, water sustainability and climate. Previously she worked as a metallurgist, in human resources, in industry engagement in the agriculture sector and on nanotechnology communications. She holds a PhD in process engineering and a Masters of Management in Strategic Foresight.

“Framing the Future Through Ecologies & Anarchies”

Lightning talk part of the session "Museums as green revolution leaders" on Monday 27 May

Climate and biodiversity must be topics of conversation in a museum that seeks to navigate the future. In planning for an upcoming exhibition, we use conversations with researchers and artists and futures thinking methodologies to create experiences that inspire action.

"Five Ways to Think About the Future"

3-hours workshop on Tuesday 28 May

There are five ways to think about the future, but most people only use one! In this workshop participants will learn how to apply foresight frameworks in order to generate possibility and articulate desired pathways. Each way of thinking will be introduced with supporting theory and then participants have the opportunity to apply that approach to a particular future-focused question that they are facing in their own organisation, as well as hear examples of where each framework has been useful in creating innovation at MOD. in other industry sectors.

Benefits for the participants

Participants will learn a framework that allows them to think more productively about the future, providing a foundation to create innovative solutions and new opportunities. The frameworks enable colleagues to have share a common language. This framework can be applied in organisational and personal contexts.


Lecture followed by a discussion - 3 hours