Ewa Chomicka, Manager of Museum Practices Lab, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews / Muzeum Śląskie (Poland)


Manager of Museum Practices Lab, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, Poland. Educated as an ethnologist, promoter of culture, expert in Polish studies, graduate of museology and curator studies specialising in presentation of contemporary art. She carries out projects that link theory, practice, knowledge and creativity in an interdisciplinary way. She is an advocate of participative development and an engaged model of cultural institutions. She develops Museum Practices Lab at the POLIN Museum which is responsible for cooperation with contemporary artists, developing relations with the local community, looking for new experimental models of operating and implementing institutional self-reflection. This year in partnership with Muzeum Śląskie she started to work on a long-term project aimed at environmental protection to be developed with the local community of Katowice.

"Starting the green revolution from yourself"

Lightning talk part of the panel "Museums are green revolution leaders"

Many ecologists believe that it is too late for small steps of “mild environmentalism.” If the end is nigh and we do not have much time left to stop the catastrophic consequences of global warming, then we should all shout out loud. Cultural institutions, including museums, may play an important role in this process as agents of long-term changes. During my talk, I will present a few pro-ecological solutions which museums may implement in order to become more eco-friendly. In this way, the revolution would not only happen “outside,” e.g. in the programmes carried out by museums but would have its source “within” the institution.

“Museums! Take Action on Environmental Change Today”

with the representatives of the Climate Collective (POLIN Museum / Muzeum Śląskie / We Are Museums)

Responding to the challenges posed by climate change, the Muzeum Śląskie cooperating with a curator from the POLIN Museum plans to initiate a long-term action addressed at the local community of Katowice. The presentation will outline the planned model for the project, which will connect the resources and experiences of museum professionals, artists and activists in a common action with the local community. The presentation will conclude with a proposal of manifesto “Museums for climate” developed by both the Climate Collective and representatives of Polish museums.

“Turn local communities into climate champions”

Workshop on Wednesday 29 May

During the workshop, we will consider the opportunities as well as barriers and challenges associated with projects aimed at environmental protection developed together with local communities. How to develop such projects ethically? How to try and make them more rooted in the local environment? How to make global problems, which appear alien and remote, more relevant to individual residents? How to make the local community not only participants but also champions of pro-ecological revolution? Please feel free to follow the trail consisting of presentations, discussions and design workshops.