Artur Povodor, Sales strategist/Operational director, Cultware sp. z o.o. (Poland)


Artur has a Master of Environment sciences. He participated in different fellowships from Moscow to the Netherlands, from energy management to sustainable business management. He finished various training and courses on Carbon footprinting, Ecological footprinting, LEED building management, Green Office, Corporate Social Responsibility and the most recent is a 9-weeks long online Harvard course about Culture of Health and a just-started EMBA.
"Sustainability has always been my passion; therefore, it is a pleasure to talk about it, share the knowledge and help where I can. I believe we need more leaders and changemakers, and I hope after this session, not just the coffee but the identity shift kicks in as well and we all become our local leaders of a greater deal."

Description of the session

As Captain Planet would say: „I am Captain Planet”. I would say, we all are.
This session is to bring out from all of you, not just a Planeteer and the supporter, but hopefully a Captain Planet. The changemaker. The leader. The session is planned from a top-down approach: How to see sustainability as a holistic goal? How to manage the process of reaching it? What can we do, to make sure our actions will have an effect and they don’t disappear after a short time? Either you are a decision maker or decision taker, you will find useful information for your own needs. I will share with you methods, process plans and some best practices from the business - and other institution’s perspective.

Benefits for the participants

Learn the pillars of a healthy, sustainable institution.
Learn how to focus on sustainability as a holistic goal, and how to start the process.
Best practices.
And last but not least exchange contacts with fellow Captains.


Because time is short it will be Lecture and discussion – 1H30