Anne Marie Galmstrup, Director, Galmstrup Ltd. (United Kingdom)


Anne Marie Galmstrup is an architect, exhibition designer and client adviser with over 17 years of experience working on cultural and community projects internationally. Her strengths are in visioning and crafting original design concepts based on a project’s context, culture, community and collection. She has a vast experience leading larger cultural building projects with extensive cross-disciplinary teams in complex societies and contexts. She founded Galmstrup Ltd. in 2015 after being an equity partner at Henning Larsen Architect’s in Copenhagen for a decade and prior worked at Ushida Findlay Architects in London. She is a graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture, an ICOM member, has published under Ashgate and talked at Harvard GSD. She is the founding director of the non-profit organisation Imaginations Cross Cultures which organise summer schools for young people.

"Open Doors"

Lightning talk part of the session "Museums as key civil society actors" on Monday 27 May

Open Doors – a research and transformation project exploring the museum as a social catalyst across communities.

Anne Marie Galmstrup will talk about her studio’s research project “Open Doors” which explores the museum as a social catalyst across communities. Through a series of interventions, is the objective to look at the spaces between the formal ‘programmed’ space and the informal urban area around cultural institutions. The thesis is that museums superpower, is their special ability to engage people across different social backgrounds and ages through their storytelling around their collections. The project uses co-creation with young people as a medium to investigate how museums can enhance learning, provide better public ownership and sustainable futures of our museums.

Read more about the project here.