For our next edition in Katowice, We Are Museums offers culture experts the opportunity to reach out to groups of 20-30 professionals to teach their skills and share their vision.

You will be able to choose between offering a 1-hour and 30 minute or a 3-hour long format. You can apply to present either a short lecture with a discussion within the group or a practical workshop.

If you want to run your workshop in Polish language, please specify this request.

Find your topic

Please note this is a selective process and you will have to offer a topic which fits the categories below.

  1. Banding with locals: Cultural venues who are the heart of their local communities, get out there and build projects with their neighbours.

  2. Reaching non-audiences: Experts in reaching out to minorities or isolated groups through experiences, content production and exhibitions or through pop-up projects, new types of interactions or cooperations.

  3. Disabilities in the museum: Thinking accessibility as not just one programme, but integral to your venue.

  4. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding: Participatory experiences which used audiences and communities as contributors to cultural projects.

  5. Artists in museums: Projects putting artists at the heart of developing critical and creative thinking in museums. How to create a new working relationship with them? 

  6. Collect intangible heritage: Building a museum based on people’s memories. How to create a trustable space to collect and transfer intangible heritage? How to make people share their culture and their memories?

  7. Develop the wellbeing potential of your museum: Projects that meet the physiological, well-being and spiritual needs of visitors. 

  8. The next steps of immersion and engagement: When immersive or engaging experiences in a museum become transformative
  1. To begin, open up! How the digitization of the collection can help to open up the museum collection, the museum employees or museum collaborations

  2. Meet the Agile Museum: Getting inspiration from agile methods to think out of the box on the daily

  3. Working with startups: Co-building projects – working together productively

  4. Create an innovation space in the museum: Makers and creatives in museums: testing and moving forward together

  5. Smart collaborations with GAFA and others international companies or organisations: Knowing how to co-work with giants beyond the opportunity

  6. Generation gap: Professionals in cultural venues today and tomorrow: bridging the generation gap

  7. Working culture: Changing the work culture within cultural venues: integration self-assessment, accepting failures and creating a trusting environment for self-expression

Your workshop fee explained

Here is how it works:

There are NO additional fees for museums professionals. Your workshop is subject to the validation process and purchase of one regular conference ticket.

Non-museum professionals workshop leaders pay for their ticket entrance + an additional workshop fee. These fees vary according to your professional status (please note that in certain cases we can request verification of your job occupation).

Travel and accommodation are not included in the fee.


Fee = your entrance ticket + 100 euros per session of 1h30 + 100 euros per workshop leader

1hour and 30 minute sessions:
1 presenter: 550 euros (520 euros early bird)
2 presenters: 1100 euros (1040 euros early bird)

3 hour sessions:
1 presenter: 650 euros (620 euros early bird)
2 presenters: 1200 euros (1140 euros early bird)

All prices without VAT

Startups (under 15 employees) / Freelancers / Creatives / Researchers

Fee = your entrance ticket + 50 euros per session of 1h30 + 50 euros per workshop leader

1hour and 30 minute sessions:
1 presenter: 300 euros
2 presenters: 350 euros

3 hour sessions:
1 presenter: 350 euros
2 presenters: 400 euros

All prices without VAT

Apply to run a workshop at We Are Museums 2019

call open until January 15, 2019