They help us make this event unique

Constantly evolving with the transformations and needs of today’s museums, We Are Museums makes a point of staying relevant to its community.

To keep our eyes and ears wide open, to stay helpful and practical, to understand the museum ecosystem in its entirety, we have the support of fantastic museum professionals who share their ideas, opinions and expertise with us.

Together, we evolve and build We Are Museums.

“We Are Museums is the most encouraging and innovative network of museum and museum-related professionals in Europe“

Dr. Mirjam Wenzel

Director of the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt (Germany)

Dr. Mirjam Wenzel is director of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt – a communal museum dedicated to 800 years of Jewish history and culture in the city of Frankfurt.  Being the first Jewish Museum that was established in the Federal Republic of Germany after the Holocaust, the Jewish Museum Frankfurt currently is undergoing a process of profound renewal. One of its two sites, Museum Judengasse ( re-opened in March 2016 with a new core exhibition whereas the other site is being renovated and extended by an additional building, at the moment. The new museum complex will open in 2019.

Mirjam Wenzel started leading the Jewish Museum in Frankfurt in January 2016. Beforehand she was Head of Digital and Publishing at the Jewish Museum Berlin and responsible for conveying German-Jewish history in print and online publications, digital media applications and installations.

Martijn Pronk

Head of Digital Communications at the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Housing the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world, as well as hundreds of drawings and letters, the museum inspires and enriches people by making Vincent’s life and work and the art of his time accessible to everybody. The Digital Communications team is working on the museum’s website and digital products and services and is responsible for social media. Digital is crucial in the museum’s ambition to connect the world to Vincent, the most famous of all Dutch artists. To expand on its position among digital front-runners in cultural heritage, the Van Gogh Museum is currently developing a new digital strategy.

Before coming to the Van Gogh Museum, Martijn worked as Head of Digital and Publishing at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where he lead the development of the award-winning Rijksstudio concept.

Martijn is a member of the Europeana Foundation Governing Board and the jury of the Best Social Media Awards.

“The wonderful We Are Museums team succeeds in bringing together professionals from large and small museums in such a way that everyone’s inspired, refueled and committed to progress.“

“We Are Museums is the obvious choice for those of us in the museum world who embrace change, innovation and aspire to transform museums into the natural habitat for 21st-century societies. It is the place to be.”

Sandro Debono

Senior Curator, MUŻA – the Malta National Community Art Museum (Malta)

Sandro Debono is leading Malta’s new National Community Art Museum which is also Valletta 2018 Capital of Culture legacy project. For MUŻA Sandro developed a bespoke concept and vision, also spearheading a complete rethink of a traditional national museum of fine arts. 

Sandro is a UCL (London) doctoral graduate in heritage policy and collections development, read for two degrees in art history and passionate about new methodologies in museology and neo-humanist curatorial practice. He has published extensively on museum-related subjects including such contributions as ‘MUŻA: Participative Museum Experiences and Adult Education’ (in Darlene E. Clover et al., 2016, Sense Publishing). His latest major curated international exhibition is Malta – Land of Sea at the BOZAR Centre of Fine Arts, Brussels (2017).   

Sandro is a member of the European Museum Academy and lectures regularly at universities and cultural institutions on such topics as museum education and visual literacy studies.

Bernadine Bröcker

CEO of Vastari (United Kingdom)

The whole Vastari team believes in transparency within the museum world, to facilitate international collaborations, raise awareness and stimulate a new, sustainable way to attract audiences.

Winners of TheNextWomen’s Startup Pitch 2015, Bernadine Brocker founded Vastari 5 years ago, with the idea to connect collectors with museums for exhibition loans. This initial proposition has grown into something much, much bigger. Founded in London, the Vastari platforms have been developed to allow anonymous and secure communication between collaborating institutions worldwide, while also building links to private collectors and venues who are interested in museum exhibitions.

Bernadine is a member of the Professional Advisors of the International Art Market, Sandbox Network and the Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars, and a mentor at the Founder Institute.

“We take part in the transformation of the museum and cultural sector, be it digital, organisational or philosophical“

“We Are Museums is this unique opportunity for all of us, whatever the size of our institutions, to actively take part in the redefinition of the role of museums in the society in the XXIst century. It is exciting, inspiring, and collective.”

Thibaut Thomas

Post-internet communication strategist (France) website

He has been advising for their communication strategy for 10 years cultural institutions such as la Gaîté Lyrique, le Palais de Tokyo, the Fondation d’Entreprise Galeries Lafayette, D’Days festival of design, and corporate brands like Vinci, Bayer, Veepee, media such as Netflix.
He has also served as the master of ceremony of We Are Museums, with special care in making the conference a special place for all museum professionals.
Thibaut Thomas teaches digital humanities at the Sorbonne graduate school of communications (CELSA Paris-Sorbonne), the ideology of Silicon Valley at Télécom Paris-Tech computer science school, as well as advertising and public relations at the American University of Paris.