Since 2013, we harness our international community and learnings gathered through its annual events. Each year, we curate international events at the thresholds of museums, innovation and social purpose projects, gathering both inspiring and very hands-on examples.

We aspire to shape the future by empowering a global museum community of changemakers to spearhead innovation and develop social purpose projects. We share a responsibility for the future of the communities we work in, as well as for the planet. We believe in museums as trusted institutions with a clearly-defined purpose, that are also transformative tools and significant civic resources.

At the core of our culture, we work on a collaborative and benevolent basis, having a no-show off policy and encouraging togetherness, openness and uprightness, towards a sustainable and workable future.

‘We Are Museums’ aims to align museums as places of inclusive growth and sustainable development, where the primary metrics are about social and environmental impact. We strive to be a forward-thinking platform, reading the signs of the times and the shape of things to come. 

We are committed to staying:

Local: We work locally with numerous partners from the public and private sectors

Agile: We strive to remain creative and edgy by exploring up and coming destinations

Visionary and feasible to inspire our participants but also give them the tools and keys to apply them in their daily life

Be a connector for people and skills for mutual and shared benefits

Community-based: We work with strategic partners from the museum ecosystem

Inclusive and diverse: We include museums of all shapes and sizes

On the move: we kept a constantly evolving and fresh approach inspiring by international emerging cities and countries

Affordable for everyone