We’re very happy to announce that We Are Museums has just entered women-centric Paris Pionnières‘ pre-incubation programme and is now starting a 1,5 year journey towards a dramatic evolution of our project. We are mostly known for organizing events, but we never saw nor presented ourselves as an event agency. Our main motivation when we started We Are Museums was to activate synergies and to empower professionals in their careers.

We now need to open to new environments the way museums are opening up to new practices. Of course, We Are Museums- Events is NOT going anywhere and will remain the core of our identity and missions. We are now looking to enrich this experience. We have started to offer more content lately and we inform you daily on projects we love through Museum Trends.

Paris Pionnières beautiful shared spaces

During our trips we have met a number of startups looking for their business model and their big idea. We did act as bridge to museums for some of them. That is also where we may have realized that the growing intricacies between the startup and museum world oblige us to find new models to connect, inform and influence. So here we are, following the same path and ready to redefine everything about ourselves. This process will run alongside our current activities. This makes truly at the intersection of Culture and Innovation and we really hope our development will be one of our case studies in the near future.
Stay with us during our journey!