For its opening, the SFMOMA chose to let a high-wire Walker and series actors tell their stories about art. It is the Van Gogh Museum’s turn to create interdisciplinary content for their multimedia guide.

A bridge between music and Van Gogh’s paintings

The Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren now takes visitors through 11 Van Gogh artworks that fascinate him, reading his own commentary to the music of his latest world tour “Armin Only Embrace”. His tour, called Embrace Vincent, was initiated by ALDA, a global developer and promoter of electronic music brands and DJ concepts, and is launched during the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) which will be held from 19 until 23 October. Contrary to most audioguide content that are meant to stay, Embrace Vincent will only be available until December 1st 2016, turning the tour itself into an event. At least one event will take place to engage Armin van Buuren fans even more: he will be giving a one-off showcase at the Van Gogh Museum.

A great way to attract a new audience

We already knew that the Van Gogh Museum and its director Axel Rüger were great at finding ideas to attract Van Gogh fans, like Meet Vincent but this is an even bigger step! On the one hand, it is a way to show how Van Gogh’s legacy influenced artists of younger generations, even in fields other than painting.

On the other hand, this new experience is a great way to reach beyond Van Gogh and painting to attract fans of a completely different field, transe music. Indeed, visitors do not choose anymore between different museums to visit: they choose between very different types of entertainment and experience, ranging from movies to museums. With Embrace Vincent, fans who would usually choose transe music over a visit to the museum can choose to visit the museum while listening to Armin van Buuren latest album. The multimedia guide tracks recorded by Armin van Buuren should attract a brand new, younger, audience who may have not spontaneously to the Van Gogh Museum otherwise – but also introduce Armin van Buuren’s music to the Van Gogh Museum visitors.
By letting an artist that seems to have – at first glance – very little in common with Van Gogh, ALDA and the Van Gogh Museum have created a brand new form of storytelling, where Armin van Buuren uses his experience to tell own story about Van Gogh’s paintings, using tracks that fit each one of them.


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