They say someone is best defined by how others see it and maybe it is true as well for, say, an event. This year, as we close We Are Museums 16 edition which lasted 3 days for the first time, we received many comments on the openness and niceness those three days were infused with.

It all started a year ago as we were asked to bring our event to Romania by Dragos Neamu, President of the National Network of Romanian Museums. This was to be our most inclusive and collaborative event as of yet, as we did our first field trip in the summer of 2015 and fell in love with Bucharest right away for all its beauty, quirkiness, potential…and lemonades.

We then came back two more times before the proper event and it has been the occasion to solidify our connections to people there who have been instrumental in the success of WAM 16.

This year we also learnt how to devolve and trust for the first time, from our co-organizers and dedicated fundraisers, Dragos from RNMN and Sabina from ORICUM Association, to our universally appreciated moderator, Thibaut Thomas who took over the event for 2 days, staying pumped, happy and passionate about each and every story brought his way.

On top of that, we have the athreatest team, Andrea, our Tireless Twitterer who helped us trend in Germany and Paris (!), our priceless assistants Coline and Jessica (one of them may have also moderated parts of the event), our superb graphic and interior designers Magda and Hugo for making WAM look unique, friendly and imaginative, and our volunteers, which dedication has been tested throughout the event. (they passed with flying colours).

We received a lot of encouragement to keep our brand -casual, underdressed, exploratory, equalizing- intact and we will do that with a passion even though we keep growing, and now welcome inspiring Ministers of Culture like Mrs Corina Suteu who honoured us with a brief and enthusiastic speech on day 2 of the conference.

All events combined we gathered 350+ people this year at We Are Museums. We heard from 40 speakers spanning over two days and participants in the room came from a whopping 18 countries. Applaud yourselves if you were there!

We also made our first Museum Rocket edition there, which was quite simply the first museum and entrepreneurship fair. Even though internet was sometimes scarce, we got amazing feedback from the 18 cultural startups present as to the number and quality of their meetings during the day and from the audience for diverse talks on the conversation between museums and young entrepreneurs. We also instated the first Museum Rocket Award, crowning outstanding initiative in the startup world with the first winner being French startup GuestViews.

For those wondering there WILL definitely be a sequel and more is to come from our work in Romania, too.

Keep an eye on much material coming soon: our videos from the two events, our selection of the best tweets (not an easy task) and our incoming photos!

Our many thanks for these wonderful two days also go to:
The Ministry of Culture of Romania
Our sponsors: Unicredit Bank Romania, supporter of the 1st Museum Rocket Award and ARCUB, the Muncipal center of the City of Bucharest
Our supporters: The National Cultural Funds, the Romanian Cultural Institute and Vastari

Our hosting venues, the National Museum of Contemporary Art and its wonderful staff, ARCUB and the Museum of the Romanian Peasant and its Director Virgil Nitulescu for a great night and The Ark.

The cultural institutes and representations abroad :
The Institut Français for their incredible support, the Polish Institute, the British Council, the Goethe Institute, the Embassy of the Netherlands.

NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations
The Bubbles Company, The Galeries Lafayette, Uber Romania, Bucharest Gentleman
Fablab Bucharest for designing our beautiful prize, Unicat, RFI Romania and Radio Romania International for the great interviews.

Nona Beicu for her great help on Museum Rocket!

And everyone who was a part of the success of We Are Museums and Museum Rocket this year.

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