Tech Loves Culture


What is Tech Loves Culture?

TLC is the meeting place between professionals from culture and tech who want to start working together.

Immerse yourself into the museum world

We cultivate the most diverse and up and coming cultural professional audiences

We Are Museums 2018 now integrates Tech Loves Culture into its venue. All our spaces will enable meetings between entrepreneurs, techies, creative industries and culture professionals. Lounge, learn and let yourself be disrupted with new ideas that can rock your world.

At the Tech Loves Culture lounge area, you will be able to engage with cultural and creative startups, discover their latest products, test the latest trends and see learn about solutions and services which could impact the way you work.

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We will put at your disposal meeting spaces where you can make an appointment with our professional museum participants from more than 25 countries, experts from agencies or startups, artists or creatives, curators, investors or entrepreneurs.

Fellow entrepreneurs, startupers and budding leaders will be able to meet and learn from one another's opportunities, scalability challenges, the uniqueness of the cultural world and more.

They believed in Tech Loves Culture and already joined the adventure

We make worlds collide, meet and learn from one another