Shoutr labs UG

We are

With our shoutr.System we offer WLAN mesh network solution for buildings or outdoor areas and enable the streaming of large multimedia data (film, texts, pictures, 360° panorama) or the integration of augmented reality or virtual reality features. We provide the versatile functions of the shoutr.System via the browser or custom apps and transform the visitors devices into a high class multimedia guide (according to Bring Your Own Device).

Our story

shoutr labs UG was founded in October 2013. First with the focus on the B2C market, an Android app was developed, which enabled local data exchange between mobile devices and reached over 150,000 downloads worldwide. In 2014 the founders Sebastian Winkler, Christian Beier, Benjamin Werner and Ronald Liebermann decided to extend the original idea - the transfer of large amounts of data via WLAN - and dedicated themselves to the B2B market, allowing the development of a location-based digital content distribution and Point-of-sales system - the shoutr.System. The shoutr.System gives museum and exhibition areas, the tourism industry, retail or automotive industry the opportunity to provide visitors with valuable information. shoutr labs AR and VR streaming is one consistent development of the shoutr.System. The required 3D models, normally several MB, can be streamed without any problems on the users' devices. In addition, shoutr labs are working on inclusive mediation approaches for cultural institutions in the form of accessible multimedia guides. The team of 17 employees is constantly working on new product developments.

Our projects

A lot of our current projects include the creation and implementation of 3D models and animations as augmented reality (AR) features within our multimedia guide applications. By using AR as a tool to teach more by show then tell, we are able to integrate high technology into the literal environment. Providing Context wherever needed without disrupting the exhibition concept.