Second Canvas, by Madpixel

We are

Second Canvas is tool focused on helping museums to build multimedia experiences with their artworks’ digitizations in just 3 simple steps: 1) converting their high-resolution images into a “zoomable” format; 2) enriching them with interactive and multi-language storytelling (text, audio) and with other features (related content, extra layers -IR, XRay versions, etc.- and more); 3) publishing them on different supports: web, apps (iOS, Android, tvOS), digital exhibitions…

Our story

Founded in 1999 and based in Madrid, Madpixel is the world leader in super high-resolution digitization. Second Canvas is a Madpixel's project that create new ways to explore artworks through super high-resolution images and impressive multimedia storytelling.

Our projects

We have collaborated with museums and institutions such as Prado (Spain); Mauritshuis, (Netherlands); Thyssen-Bornemisza (Spain); or SMK (Denmark), among others. Now and until Jan2019, we are leading an EU co-funded project to explore new uses of these kind of images and experiences. Museums participating will enjoy several benefits, such as free super-high resolution digitizations, pilot projects, and more. If you want to be one of them, contact us! There are a limited number of places available per country ...

Don't miss this opportunity!

Meet us in the 'Tech Loves Culture' square for our presentation "Discover and participate in scModules, a H2020 and Madpixel co-funded project."

During this session we will explain our scModules project, focused on exploring new uses of the super-high resolution digitizations of museums' collections. We will also inform you on the amazing (and free) advantages for museums participating in it (SHR digitizations, pilot projects, etc.). Don't miss it! We will reserve 10 places for museums attending WAM!