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Ikonospace BV is a Dutch-based startup providing solutions for Art Institutions to use 3D and Virtual Reality tools for their exhibition design and marketing needs. Awarded “Digital Collection of the Year” in 2016 for building one of the first Virtual Reality Museums in collaboration with the DSL Collection, the team has since worked with many renowned institutions in the quest to build the best digital platform for the industry. The recently released Custot Gallery app available on the Appstore is the first step to a much bigger platform called Ikonospace Art that will allow any artist or art institution to easily build virtual exhibitions online.

Ikonospace Art

Ikonospace Art is a new platform for the art world to create and share art exhibitions online.

With 3D, AR and VR, Ikonospace Art thrives to solve one of the main issues with online sharing art: scaling.

The software allows you to transform your images into a collection of 3D framed artworks ready to be hanged in your own virtual gallery space. Visitors from around the world can then freely wander through exhibitions from their mobile, computer or in Virtual Reality.

This revolutionary way of sharing art online opens up a large range of possibilities for content creators, giving them more tools to interact directly with their community and tell their stories.

Ikonospace Art is currently working with galleries, museums and artists to create a large collection of exhibitions for launch early this summer.