Sibba Einarsdottir

Consultant curator, The Women's Museum (Denmark)

Sibba Einarsdóttir holds a MA in social Anthropology from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. She was the Head of the Etnographic Collections at Moesgaard Museum

(2004-2007) Curator at the The Ethnographic Collections and the UNESCO
educational collections, Moesgaard Museum, Aarhus,Denmark
(1997-2004). Curator and consultant at The Women's Museum in Denmark from 2011- till present where she was heading the projects "Preserving the Palestinian Heritage";
(2013-2015) and "Towards a Women's Museum in the Middle East";
(2016-2017) She has worked and lived in the Middle East (Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine) for many years.

Towards Women's Museums in the Middle East

The workshop will be based on experiences from a museological projects in Egypt and Palestine with the focus on the creation of gender related exhibitions and museums in the Middle East.
The specific focus will be on ways to engage and activate the many lairs of experiences found among a wide range of highly different (primarily female) stakeholders representing different countries or regions. This may include diverse groups, from academics from different university departments (anthropology, gender studies, history, museology) and curators, to activists, museum user, students from varied subjects and not least the those who’s stories are told , in the creation of exhibitions and museums.
The presentation departs from experiences gained from two specific projects: "Preserving the Palestinian Heritage" (2013-2015), which had as its main focus the training of young museum professionals in Palestine through practical museum work, such as, renovating the exhibitions of a local museum and the registration of a larger collection of Palestinian textiles and costumes, and "Towards a Women's Museum in the Middle East"; (2016-2017), which had as its focus the development of an exhibition, which could serve as a test case for the future development of an actual women's museum in the Middle East. The result was the exhibition "Doing well - Don't worry- Women, Work and Mobility" was presented in Cairo and Beirut in 2017.

Benefits for the participants

The presentation will create the basis for a general discussion and sharing of knowledge of how museum professionals and academics may include non-professional (activists, users, students) in the development of new ways of selecting and establishing content (themes, objects and narratives) and producing engaging and relevant exhibitions, which both use the objects of museums to communicate in general and more specifically communicate a specific (gendered) contend. The workshop intents to establish a network to further these discussions.