Sabrina Kamili

Project Manager, Collective Museum of Casablanca (Morocco)

Sabrina Kamili is a cultural actor based in Casablanca who holds a high interest in the emergence and development of the cultural and creative industries in Morocco and on the continent. She collaborates with many cultural organizations such as the intercultural African Network Arterial Network, Afrikayna, L’Boulevard Festival, HIBA Arts & Culture Foundation, Visa For Music (market of music from Africa and the Middle East).

Since February 2018, she works as Project Manager of the Collective Museum of Casablanca. The Collective Museum consists of a series of acts of recovery and collection of objects, films, and memories from family and intimate life in cities, and from abandoned or former public spaces linked to daily family life. The Collective Museum of Casablanca is a program of L’Observatoire - Art & Research  (Casablanca, Morocco) and receives the Drosos Foundation support.