Ronald Liebermann

CMO, shoutr labs UG (Germany)

Ronald Liebermann is the co-founder of shoutr labs and specialist for museums and augmented reality implementation. He studied History and Cultural Sciences at Humboldt University in Berlin. He has co-curated an exhibition at Medizinhistorisches Museum Berlin and did extensive surveys for Museumsinsel, Deutsches Historisches Museum, DDR Museum, Topografie des Terrors and Holocaust Mahnmal, among others.

Augmented Reality showcases for Museums

We present the AR-Exhibition “Hidden Cost” made by the Museum for Natural History in Berlin and the New York based photographer J Henry Fair. J Henry Fair's aerial images are stunning abstract compositions, full of organic forms and graphic patterns, vivid colors and tense contrasts. They are strikingly beautiful, but behind the beauty lies the unexpected – the aerial images show the environmental damage caused by human activity, the hidden costs of our everyday life: Striking colors created by toxic waste, graphic patterns as leftovers from opencast mining sites and other practices. “Hidden Costs” is equipped with a unique media system by our company shoutr labs. By using augmented reality each picture comes alive and provides visitors with background information. It is an integration of an exhibition with interactive content, that shows the importance of environmentally responsible behavior. During the workshop we will show the transfer of information through media and the active use of AR for educational purposes.

Benefits for the participants

Participants gain an insight into the potential of augmented reality as an educational instrument. Especially museums are places for lifelong learning. Furthermore participants will see, how augmented reality is used in a museum concept. The audience can try AR by themselves and test several showcases from different museums.

Format of the workshop

Presentation and interactive items.