Małgorzata Zając

Senior Research Specialist, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Poland)

Małgorzata Zając has a marketing position at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. She works with research agencies on decision-support projects for the museum. Major recent projects include a nationwide culture consumer segmentation study completed in partnership with the Chopin Museum and the Polish History Museum, a semiotic analysis for the communication of the “Blood. Dividing and Uniting” exhibition or a study into barriers to visiting the POLIN museum among families with children. Małgorzata believes market research does not make much sense if findings are not quickly applied in operations or change in the organisation. Małgorzata was previously the Communications Manager at Ipsos Poland, a leading international research agency, for 11 years.

How to use Culture Consumer Segmentation in Marketing Projects?

No communication or targeting designed to reach "all consumers" is effective. Culture content must be aligned with personal needs and lifestyles of consumers to trigger their response. Marketing offers established tools including segmentation. The segmentation of culture consumers based on personal leisure needs and lifestyles can inform strategies and marketing initiatives in culture institutions. This may help institutions understand what their target audience is like, why the offer is likely to be attractive and how to communicate it effectively. The case study presents a national culture consumer segmentation study in Poland commissioned by three Polish museums. The workshop will highlight some of the benefits of segmentation in museum marketing, target audience selection criteria and examples of data-driven marketing projects. Participants will also be invited to work on a content and communication for a specific segment.

Benefits for the participants

Participants will be offered a wealth of information and inspiration regarding the use of segmentation data in their daily work that may involve target audience selection, content and communication tailoring and examples of specific projects.

Format of the workshop

A 30-minute introductory presentation will be followed by a 30 minute workshop that will involve designing specific content and communication for a segment presented in a 3-minute ethnographic interview video