Katarzyna Wirkus-Moleda

UX Researcher, VisitorExperience.blog (Germany)

Katarzyna Wirkus-Moleda is an Art Historian and a UX Researcher & Designer based in Berlin, Germany. She has been working as a researcher within the scope of international research projects with art galleries, cultural institutions, NGOs and businesses. In her research she focuses on the audience experience and new forms of the audience participation.

How to ask the right questions? - The art of interviewing visitors.

Before starting any project that involves visitors, certain requirements should be met. There are many methods of User Experience Research and the most common one is the in-depth interview. During this workshop we’ll take you through the concept of conducting interviews with your audience representatives. With a bit of preparation this method can be used in most projects that address users. Why talking to our audience is important? How to start? And above all, how to conduct valuable interviews, so you can make an impact with your product or service and resonate with your audience? As many researches have proven, understanding our users' needs, motivations and goals is the main factor contributing to our product's success. During the workshop we’ll discuss key stages of an interview that will help you gather meaningful data. You will leave this workshop with hands-on knowledge about how to conduct in-depth interviews: we’ll talk about what happens before, during and after the conversation and we’ll introduce you tools that can be used in the future interviews' coordination.

Benefits for the participants

You will get to know best practices for conducting an interview and will have an opportunity to test this knowledge straight away through a few short, practical exercises. Understanding this method will let you gather more accurate information about your audience and visitors and create more impactful projects. You will leave our workshop with practical tools that can be used in everyday life of your institution in order to create better services for the visitors.

Format of the workshop

Interactive presentation with elements of discussion, Q&A session and group work. The theoretical part will be divided into blocks, separated by a few short practical exercises.