Justyna Dominiak

Education specialist, National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw (Poland)

Born and based in Warsaw, Justyna cooperated with several institutions and NGOs as an educator. Nowadays, as a worker of Educational Department at Museum for Children in National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, she creates educational programs for school groups and families.

Expedition '88

The main topic of the workshop is presenting the effect of ''E - collection" project, after first year of its duration, which is temporary and mobile exhibition called "Expedition '88". The main goal of "E - collection" was to create first in Poland educational and ethnographic collection. We define educational collections as objects that you can touch, examine, learn how they work which result in direct experiences of material heritage. The objects on the exhibition represent various aspects of everyday life in the end of '80s. We are given the great opportunity to think and discuss about the role of objects in our lives, the emotions that they bring and what happens when they are no longer useful.

Benefits for the participants

- discussion about educational collections: is it needable in museum?
- exchanging of ideas: how to create such collection?
- results of study trip: educational collections in United States, Finland and Italy
- different ways of making objects talk : brainstorming

Format of the workshop

- discussion - brainstorming - study case - Power Point presentation