Juliette Espié

Responsible for the diversification of the audience, Mucem (France)

Juliette Espié is responsible for the diversification of audiences at the Mucem, in Marseille. If the Mucem was inaugurated in 2013 in Marseille, its origins go back to the nineteenth century. Heir to the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, it manages today a plural collection enriched by an acquisition policy open to Mediterranean themes, from neolithic to contemporary art. Juliette studied economics, communication and the mediation of knowledge, in particular she reflected on the question of new information and communication technologies in the diffusion of scientific and technical culture. Previously, she worked in several French museums, Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts, City of Music, Quai Branly Museum, Agora of Sciences where she developed skills in cultural mediation and project management.

Digital mediation for young audience

At the occasion of the public opening of the new semi-permanent exhibition "Connectivités" at Mucem, two fun and interactive digital applications "Treasure Island", a children's route, and "Mu" for teenagers have been launched. This workshop invites participants to test these applications. The context of development of these mediations, the first evaluations of the public will then be shared with the courses realized by the participants of the workshop.

Benefits for the participants

Discover two digital mediation projects for kids from 3-6, 7-12 and teenagers around "Connectivités", an historical exhibition

Format of the workshop

Tablet games for groups of 5 people. Course on smartphone after downloading the application. Powerpoint presentation for the creative context