Jo Marsh

Senior Consultant, Jane Wentworth Associates (United Kingdom)

Jo is a brand and communications consultant, with over 20 years of experience working in the publishing, design and business sectors. She is a Director and Senior Consultant at Jane Wentworth Associates - a leading, international consultancy developing brands for the cultural sector. Jo is an experienced workshop facilitator and has designed and led bespoke master classes and workshops for conferences including 'Communicating the Museum' in Istanbul and Berlin and for the British Council in Russia and the UK. Her current clients include: Natural History Museum of Denmark; Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki; British Council, Uzbekistan and the Ackland Art Museum - University of North Carolina, US. Jo is Chair of Wysing Arts Centre, a centre for contemporary art based near Cambridge in the UK.


Leadership is an ongoing challenge for the museum sector - a sector which is experiencing radical change, with museums being redefined from temples of knowledge to a spaces for ideas, social exchange and entrepreneurial thinking. But how can we lead and harness this change in order to ensure our museums are strategic, relevant, thriving organisations and crucially motivated and engaged places to work? Over the course of one hour we will tackle leadership.

This is a workshop for the passionate, the curious and those who want to develop their understanding of how to involve the people who matter (those who deliver the experience) in a process that safeguards their museum’s future success. In order for people to be inspired to act, they have to be involved and invested in what their museum is trying to achieve. But how do you go about this when budgets are tight and resources are limited? The first step is to work with your teams to develop a vision and then provide them with the tools for empowerment – a clear strategic plan, a set of values, then engage them through tangible projects which will help the museum realise it’s goals. To be empowered and motivated people need to understand what’s important and how their work and behaviour can fit into the overall picture of what the museum is trying to achieve.

People matter and this workshop will explore how we can get the best out of everyone.

Benefits for the participants

You will be able to work with an experienced consultant with an international outlook, explore best practice in the sector, learn new methodologies and approaches to leadership and staff engagement, explore a process which empowers your people, put theory into practice with innovative methods, gain genuinely useful tools you can take back to your own organisation, a discursive environment where to learn from each other, facilitated by a consultant who can keep the room enthused and energetic, a chance to step out of your comfort zone…

Format of the workshop

The workshop is set up to ensure a clear comprehension of theory, but also the opportunity to practice the principles and enable everyone to work together in different ways. We’ll begin the workshop with a clear explanation of why we are here and what participants can expect as an outcome. Then we’ll warm everyone up with an exercise – enabling everyone to connect creatively. Then we’ll move onto exploring how we can innovate and expand our idea of leadership – using a case study to illustrate what we mean. We will then split the room into smaller groups to focus on a practical exercise to apply some of our principles, allowing time for discussion and questions.