Jehanne Zaki

Art Director, MuseomixKids (Switzerland)

Founder of the experiential agency Kizano. Coordinator of MuseomixCH, including MuseomixKids, makeathon during which children have to imagine the museum which they would like to have. Developed numerous exhibitions for watch-making brands within MCI Group and worked in the marketing of Nickelodeon (television channel for children).

Prototyping today's museum with tomorrow’s visitor

Museomix, is known to transform usual museums by introducing agile prototyping as way of experimenting collaborative work between mediators and technical people.

MuseomixKids now asks, how can we transform or adapt agile prototyping methods to make children participate to new ways of creation and interact with the mediation of contents. With the aim of engendering a new visitor experience for a larger public.

The first edition of MuseomixKids took place in Switzerland. The MuDA (Museum of Digital Art) and Museomix joined forces to create this disrupting event. During the October holiday, 25 kids from 8 to 12 years old had the exciting opportunity to re-think the MuDA exhibition into a space of their very own. Alongside 15 experts and coaches from various backgrounds (such as programming, coding, animation, curation, print design and gaming) that had already worked kids. Through play, learning and experimentation, kids created a new museum by remixing with classical materials (paper, film) with new technologies (code, animation, robotics, sound) and got introduced to concepts of design thinking, computer science, prototyping, exhibition design, mediation and communication. Note that all the prototype were made from recycled material. MuseomixKids is not an other workshop for children set up in cultural institutions but a children’s makeathon - creating the museum of tomorrow!

Benefits for the participants

Be amazed what kids (of any gender) in groups can create in a short period of time, giving them the power to create their own museum and own future. Understand that the desire of the young visitors are important, in the same way technology has given creators the power to publish their own artwork, kids have the power to create the museum of the future which is a tech innovator accessible to a larger public. Museums, let the community get involved. Content can come from everyone.

Format of the workshop

Storytelling about myself, why I want to talk about the subject and my experience with kids ( talks + picture). Than question and answer about what we could do to built the MuseomixKids community.