Jan-Philipp Possmann

Director, zeitraumexit (Germany)

Jan-Philipp Possmann studied Theater- and Political-Sciences at Freie Universität Berlin. As a dramaturg, producer and curator he has worked with international artists like Rimini Protokoll, Patrick Wengenroth, Kötter/Seidel and repeatedly with David Weber-Krebs and developed and curated work for various Theaters and Museums. He was the curator and artistic director for various festivals and prgoramms like Plateaux Festival (Frankfurt/Main), Internationale Schillertage, Internationale Schillertage, supercopy (Mannheim), Bouvard & Pecuchet 3000 and techne (both Stuttgart). He was the prgorammer for Sophiensaele Berlin and theater dramaturge for Nationaltheater Mannheim. Since 2010 he has cooperated intensely with zeitraumexit as a freelance curator and dramaturge, developing various festivals and participative formats in the city of Mannheim, and becoming artistic and managing director in 2017.