Halima Onodjè

Managing Director, Fondation Zinsou (Benin)

Halima Onodjè, Managing Director of the Fondation, has strong experience in managing people, structures and projects. Through project management work in Europe and in Africa, she developed solid skills in creating strategies to solve problems and enhance coordination within structures and between partner organisations.

The Fondation Zinsou promotes contemporary art but also focuses on making art and culture available for children. Every day, the foundation´s bus goes from school to school, to bring classes to the museum. Itinerary exhibitions are organized throughout the city and the country to bring contemporary art to the public. The "Mini Bibliothèques" and the Petits Pinceaux are landmarks in Cotonou were children can have free access to books and experience art and creativity. The App "Wakpon" was initiated in 2015 to show/broadcast the collection all over the world.