Ewa Drygalska

Social Media and Digital Specialist, National Museum in Warsaw (Poland)

Ewa Drygalska earned her Ph.D with Film Studies and Interdiciplinary Ph.D Program Society-Environment-Technology at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. She studied at University of California in Los Angeles and spent a significant time at various American universities. Currently, at National Museum in Warsaw she is responsible for content curation, engaging audiences and communication strategies.

Where is my non-visitor? Going after “non-traditional audiences”

Identifying and knowing your audience, its preferences and needs, is essential for the success of every cultural institution. Obtaining knowledge about people who visit your Museum will help you prepare a better program, engage your visitors and build up a community. But what about non-audiences, how to reach to people who do not necessarily fit the profile of the usual museum-goer? Much of recent data suggest that cultural organizations are getting better at reaching traditional visitors with sophisticated segmentation and audience insight but do poorly at engaging new visitors. We would like to share experiences with our media project/campaign "And you, what do you see?" targeted not at art experts and habituales but NBA lovers, travellers and pop fans. After all, the Museum is open to everyone, and the artworks are there to be seen. In this workshop, we will discuss various ways to open up your institution to those who rarely step foot into art Museums. We will get over 7 important steps of the process: identifying missing audiences, formulating the right questions, segmentation, targeting non-goers, creative out-of-the box process and dealing with negative feedback.

Benefits for the participants

We want prepare you for challenges related to reaching new audiences, create a space to brainstorm together and equip you with our little know-how ad feasible ideas on how to start your own project.

Format of the workshop

Interactive workshop and discussion