Ewa Chomicka

Manager of Museum Practices Lab, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Poland)

Ewa Chomicka, Manager of Museum Practices Lab, POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, Poland. Educated as ethnologist, promoter of culture, expert in Polish studies, graduate of museology and curator studies specialising in presentation of contemporary art. She carries out projects that link theory, practice, knowledge and creativity in an interdisciplinary way. She is an advocate of participative development and an engaged model of cultural institutions. She develops Museum Practices Lab at the POLIN Museum which is responsible for cooperation with contemporary artists, developing relations with the local community, looking for new experimental models of operating and implementing institutional self-reflection.

Artists in Museum: a case study of historical museum becoming a centre for creative work

Can a historical museum become an experimental laboratory of art? How to develop critical and creative thinking in museums using creative tools?

We will look at artistic residencies at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews as a case study for a non-artistic museum becoming a centre for creative work. The artist-in-residence programme made it possible for the Museum to host Polish and foreign artists who, in the course of their creative efforts, tackled the subject of Jewish heritage and multiculturalism. Each of the artists was invited for a three-week sojourn, during which they were able to create projects containing historical references or deliberations and involving the local communities on a variety of levels. Some works we realized dealt with difficult issues which were often at the centre of ongoing discussions, becoming a creative response to deficient language and stagnant forms of public debate.

Benefits for the participants

You will be able to obtain knowledge of how we can develop cooperation with artists in non-artistic museums, find out about the role of art in updating history or the strategy of building a collection, become acquainted with the ways of developing critical and creative thinking on different levels, either inside the Museum or in relation to its audience and learn how to develop participatory instruments of interpretation

Format of the workshop

Presentation of selected works, watching short videos and discussion on topics of particular interest to the audience