Elise Atangana

Curator (France, Morocco)

Elise Atangana (France / Cameroon) situates her work between curation and exhibition production. Based in Paris, she envisions art as individual and collective practice.

Her research focuses on the links between physical and virtual mobilities (movement, representation, practice), and considers their relation with contemporary art practice. How can space be activated by the physical and virtual movement of individuals? How is artistic practice influenced by these new mobilities? How does the relation to the body find an articulation with the modulation of the perception of space born out of virtuality, and what are the social and political implications?

Elise Atangana is the curator of Seven Hills for the 2nd edition of the Kampala Art Biennale 2016 (3 Sept. – 2 Oct.) on mobility shift and transformation in Kampala.

Photo by Eva Bartussek