Danielle Kuijten

Co-curator, Imagine IC (The Netherlands)

Danielle Kuijten holds a Master of Museology (M. Museology) from the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam. As a freelancer she is active in the heritage field under the name Heritage Concepting. Her main focus in projects is on participatory collecting methods, contemporary collecting, action curating and reflective practice. Since 2012 she also works as co-curator on projects for Imagine IC, a pioneer in the field of heritage of the contemporary society. Here she is building a participative neighbourhood archive on and in the Amsterdam district South East. Recent exhibitions she produced here are Black Resistance, Independence of Suriname, Queering Southeast and Personal archives of 25 year Bijlmerdisaster. Danielle is a regular guest on international conferences giving presentations and workshops. Furthermore she is a board member (VP) at COMCOL, ICOM’s international committee for collecting.

Meaning Making

In my presentation I will present a case from the Netherlands; a special project at Imagine IC. Based in the periferie of Amsterdam. A neighbourhood archive, that speaks on urban issues, that is built through participation with an activist approach. Where discussions are about social impact of heritage. A campaigning institution, an activist with a strong belief that empathy can change social discourse. But also a realist acknowledging that heritage making is a highly political act and can also be an active proces of exclusion.