Cristina Alga

Co-founder, Living Museum of the Sea (Italy)

Cultural project manager, Cristina Alga co-founded in Palermo CLAC, an independent cultural organization that works to promote social change and innovation using cultural productions, arts and participation as important tools for the human development and urban regeneration. Cristina is an activist and loves to work on contents and engagement, using story-telling and community-based approach as ways to involve people, to spread education, to work on inclusion and social cohesion. She is the coordinator of the working group that manages the ‘ Urban Ecomuseum Mare Memoria Viva”.

At We Are Museums, Cristina Alga will introduce this innovative community project dedicated to intangible heritage shared across the Mediterranean: the Sea, and how impactful it is one people's lives and memories.

Surf on the waves of memory

How to collect non-material heritage involving the local communities in participatory processes to share their living-memories to create a museum