Björn Dahlström

Director, Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech Museum (Morocco)

Born in Casablanca in 1975, Björn Dahlström is an art historian and museologist (École du Louvre, Paris). Between 2000 and 2007, he is in charge of programming at the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg (Mudam, architect, Mr. Pei) with his director Marie-Claude Beaud. He is curator of the exhibition "Air conditioned" of the artist Su Mei Tse who receives the lion of gold for the best national participation in the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003.

In 2008, he accompanied the sports equipment manufacturer Puma in his new sponsorship policy for contemporary art in Africa.

In 2010, the Majorelle Garden Foundation solicited him to ensure the scientific coordination of the new Berber museum in Marrakech which he is now the curator. Meanwhile, for Pierre Bergé, he participated in the restoration of the House of Emile Zola near Paris and directs the project Dreyfus Museum which will open in 2019 in the park of the house of the writer.

In 2015 he was appointed director of the museum YVES SAINT LAURENT marrakech which opened its doors to the public in October 2017, in the immediate vicinity of the Majorelle Garden.

The Morocco of Yves Saint Laurent

" When I discovered Marrakech, I realized that my own chromaticism was that of zellij, Zouaks, djellabas and caftans. Those boldnesses wich are nowadays mine, I owe them to this country, to the violence of the concordances, to the insolence of the mixtures, to the ardor of inventions. This culture became mine "

Yves Saint Laurent went to Marrakech for the first time in 1966. He immediately bought a house there. This discovery of Morocco and its colors is a real shock that will influence the work of the fashion designer.

The so-called "African" haute couture collections (1967), "Russian operas-ballets" (1976) or "Tribute to Matisse in Morocco" (1981) all profoundly influenced their periods. It is a world of orientalisms, imaginary journeys and daring syncretisms which, thanks to an inspiring Morocco, will express itself in the creation of Yves Saint Laurent.

A museum that today bears his name opened in Marrakech, next to the Majorelle Garden where he lived for almost thirty years. True cultural center, this place pays tribute to both the artist and his muse city, but also provides a dynamic and eclectic programming, as desired by its sponsor, Pierre Bergé, patron and companion of Yves Saint Laurent .

Ensemble habillé Haute couture, automne-hiver 1979 Cape de mohair bleu saphir, veste de lainage et brandebourg noir Haut de velours noir et pantalon Zaouve velours rubis. HC1979H131