Barbara Majchrowicz

Chief Oral History Officer, Emigration Museum (Poland)

Barbara Majchrowicz is Chief Oral History Officer at the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland. Emigrant’s Archive is a project in which stories of the Polish emigration are systematically gathered and presented. Barbara conducts research and digital projects whose aim is to acquaint with the phenomenon of emigration and Polish communities abroad.

Don't explain, just tell your story

At Emigrant's Archive we gather and present stories of the Polish emigrants. Our work deals with oral history - we are interested in the records of personal experiences of individuals rather than history lectures. We believe that every, even seemingly simple emigration route, is unique and, therefore, worthy of preservation. Emigration is more than leaving the country. What exactly – that is the question we try to gather answers to in our projects. We want to meet with emigrants, to get to know them, ask, listen to and show that the image of Poles living abroad is complex, interesting and constantly changing. In my presentation I will try to share our experiences and showcase Emigrant’s Archive projects as an examples of how we dealt with delivering intangible heritage to audience.