Baiba Grinberga

before-Latvian National Museum of Art, now: nonprofit organization "Droši Koši"

Baiba Grinberga is art historian with an interest in museum education. From 2016 -2017 she was Head of Education at the Latvian National Museum of Art and was responsible for developing and implementing new programs for families and young people. Currently Baiba is working in the nonprofit organization “Droši Koši” with educational and children book projects. Baiba has been behind publishing 11 children books and is the author of the Family bag of Latvian National Museum of Art.

Bringing new audiences to the museum

After its reconstruction in 2016 the Latvian National Museum of Art has placed the accessibility, interactivity and engagement as the main values when attracting new audiences. Two target groups have been set in front – families with small children and young people. In the workshop I will share our experience of developing new tools to engage families and young people in the museum: the Family bag and the Youth Club.

Benefits for the participants

To learn from our experience about the process of how to engage with the selected target groups.

Format of the workshop

Presentation and discussion.