Anastazja Stelmach

Head of the Communication Team, National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw (Poland)

Anastazja Stelmach, Head of the Communication team at the National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. Anastazja and her team are responsible for the museum’s communication, branding, exhibition planning and events. Her core intrests are social media, exhibitions, art history, PR, event management and digital solutions. She has an MA. in Art History.

The future of museums is conversation: introduction to chatbots for cultural institutions

Two people will run our workshop: Anastazja, who is the head of the Communication Team at National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and Simon, who was cooperating with her as a creative director from the agency side on deployment of chatbot. We would like to share our experiences in deploying chatbot technology for Museum and what we learned in that process. We strongly believe that conversational interfaces are of great help in the field of educating the audience, building attention and relationship with visitors – turning them into engaged community. We also learned that chatbot can serve as a guide through vast inventory of objects owned by Museum.

Please bring your own computer to attend this workshop!

Benefits for the participants

• Learn through our case study about effectiveness of conversational communication channel with audience and potential challenges and difficulties
• Learn how to build simple chatbots without coding skills and how to design them in engaging way
• Learn new opportunities within “conversational” channel of communication

Format of the workshop

Timeline of workshop:
• Practical introduction to chatbots based on our case study, and video mock-ups – 10-15 minutes
• How to create your first chatbot – presentation of tool for non-programmers – 10 minutes
• Let’s work in groups – design your first conversational experience for your institution – practical exercise facilitated by Simon and Anastasia – 20 minutes
• Evaluation and discussion about ideas presented by groups – 15 – 20 minutes
• Summary – 4 minutes