Agnès Parent

Director of Audiences, Natural History Museum Paris (France)

Agnès graduated in the 3rd cycle in diffusion of the knowledge and in creation - multimedia communication. After having participated and conducted during 5 years of evaluations of exhibitions within a laboratory of the CNRS, she contributed to the elaboration of about ten exhibitions (permanent or temporary) as in charge of design and production of learning and playing media. She also participated in the development of the use of the web as a knowledge dissemination tool. In 2003, expanding her functions and led the project "Children's Gallery", opened in Oct. 2010; Develop the pre-program for the exhibition "Grands Mones" in 2011 (opening Feb 2015); joined in 2012 the Musée de l'Homme as project manager of "La Galerie de l'Homme", a permanent exhibition opened in October 2015. Currently she occupies the position of audience director for the entire Museum: setting up of the main strategic axes, programming of the exhibitions and cultural actions, digital contents, editions, itinerant exhibitions.

Marvel to Educate • Emotion and Experience Serving Transmission

The National Museum of Natural History has a long tradition of developing museum setups to encourage the connection of visitors with collections or knowledge. Through the presentation of several exhibitions or museographic devices, we will endeavor to question the concept of visit experience: individual or collective, appealing to cognition but also to emotion, senses and body.