Useful resources from #WAM15

Useful resources from #WAM15

June 18, 2015 by We Are Museums

From slideshares to articles and videos, quite a few of the speakers mentioned outside resources during their talks. Here's a list of some useful resources and content to keep on your desk while you wait for next year's edition.

First things first: if you want to go through the talks again , here's our slideshare with presentations from Mirjam Wenzel, Nikolaos Maniatis, Kaspar Auzarejs-Auzers, Elise Albenque, Conxa Rodà, Edith Schreurs. More presentations will be added soon, promise.

To read up some more on museums and technological innovation, the NMC Horizon Report is a great read. This report was mentioned by Robert Stein in his talk and presents the key tendencies and trends in the near future of museums. It's dense, well documented, quite riveting ...and 53 pages long. The report is not the only interesting resource Robert Stein mentioned: it would be unfair not to bring up the open-sourced code that the DMA Friends program has created to help other museums follow their lead. For more open-sourced strategy, you can also read up on the Jewish Museum's Digital Strategy with Mirjam Wenzel's article on the subject.

Now for Sree. Sree mentioned quite a lot of tools during his talks, so we tried to gather a few of them here. Pablo and Canva are both websites recommended by Sree to create simple and effective visuals to go with social media posts. If you're more into user experience and audience analysis, don't hesitate to check out Twiangulate, a useful site that helps measure and analyze one’s audience on social media and Peek user testing, to get anonymous users to review your website or product. For more Sree time, here are the edited Storify of the Social Media One-Night-Stand and the slides from his talks.

If your colleagues are curious about what you’ve been doing this whole time, here are some videos you can send them- - they're well made and they speak about museum stuff.

During his talk, Chris Michaels mentioned a crazy project his team developed a while back when they decided to build the British Museum in Minecraft. The idea was a huge success and gamers from all over the world joined in. Here's the presentation video for Museumcraft.

By now, you've probably sent the previous video to your colleagues, and maybe they even asked you for more. Here's another video presenting the Cooper Hewitt’s now famous Pen, presented by Micah Walters during WAM.


Now for some Storifys and highlights:

Mar Dixon's #WAM15's Highlights is a great recap of the conference, providing more than one key learning. Barbara Fischer, from Wikimedia Deutschland, also wrote a recap article of the conference. It's a great article presenting the atmosphere of the conference as well as the ideas exchanged there, but unfortunately it's only for the German speakers out there! For a more detailed overview, you might want to check out Conxa Rodà's edited Storify of the conference - it's got pictures and tweets but also links to some outside resources. For the panel "Museums... After the Internet", you can also find Thibaut Thomas' edited Storify (and also an unexpected video of Gary Vee reacting to one of the questions asked during the Q&A)


Last but not least, here's a short video of the organ playing in the Nikolai Kirche