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by Claire Solery and Diane Drubay

We empower Museums. Museums empower us. In 2016, We Are Museums has curated news from the museum community and interviewed game changers on Museum trends.

Some of you may be featured here, and some of our interviewees you will discover. We have featured our 10 most meaningful encounters from this year, each of them emphasising trends, technologies and philosophies that have been gaining more speed this year.

This short booklet is not a comprehensive view on the year, rather a series of snapshots, inspirations and tips who emphasize the continued mutations of the museum sector from local to global, offline to digital, silo-minded to collaborative, both inside and outside and much more.

In 2016, museums have heightened social interactions with audiences, fully broken into the social conversation scene, been story-driven, smarter with data than ever, have bravely engaged in generating creative and social labs, have deepened the meaning of teamwork, redefined their relation with artists, with visitors and experiencers, ventured into the future of technology, reasserted non-verbal and augmented storytelling choices and conquered new markets. More than ever they have been more inclusive and mindful of outsiders’ voices to reinvent themselves as hubs for self-discovery and empowerment.

This makes the prospect of 2017 exciting: Museums will no doubt further their transition from conservation places to risk-takers, connected platforms for daring citizens and curators and cognitive agents.

We Are Museums will pursue its mission to monitor and share this transformative process. We will also continue stimulating new collaboration with Museum Rocket, our in-house project which advocates for more collaboration between museums, innovators and entrepreneurs. Museum should believe in their innovative power and cultivate it. We do.


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