Upon its reopening, the SFMOMA unveiled a brand new building, of course, a website with a minimalistic mobile-first approach and started teasing its mobile app.
The app is still in development because it’s not your usual museum app. No typing in the numbers of the exhibits you want to have explained, no curator-only tracks that are both incredibly interesting and a little monotonous. The SFMOMA wants to make their app to a whole new experience for museum visitors, an experience that is more intuitive, natural and fluid. The app uses location-sensing tech to know the visitor’s exact position in the museum and adjusts its audio without need to manipulate it. And after understanding where the visitor is, the app tells them… where to go and adapts in real-time to their new position.
Besides the technical challenge, the content approach is also different of what we are used to listen to. Curators do talk, but the app is also entertaining: visitors will be able to hear a funny debate between Silicon Valley actors about Marcel Duchamp’s urinal, the French high-wire walker will share his thoughts and knowledge about Mark Rothko, and the app will even feature a fast-paced tour for those who don’t have much time – which goes pretty much against the common idea that you can’t really enjoy exhibits if you don’t take your time.
All we can say is: let’s hope all these amazing content will also be available outside of the museum so everyone can have the pleasure to listen to it!


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