Language and words are a very precious tool in learning History and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum knows it better that anyone. Indeed, the camp it is located in is often wrongfully called a “Polish death camp” or “Polish extermination camp” while it was a Nazi camp set in occupied Poland.
To prevent journalists, writers and all types of content creators from making that mistake again, the Auschwitz Memorial launched a couple of weeks ago an app – Remember – that spellchecks as you type in Word or TextEdit and browse the internet. Using the red underlines that are usually used for spelling mistakes, the app draws the user’s attention to the spot(s) were the wrong expression is used.

The app raises awareness to the importance of naming historical events and places properly to be able to understand History. Since January 2016, when the app was launched, no new uses of “Polish death camp” have been found. It can be considered a success for the app that helps to educate content creators in a simple, non-invasive way. Remember may mainly be installed by people who write, but their words reach millions of people. And for those who would find the mistake online, Remember suggests that they send authors the link to download the app.


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