As you know, we have been in Bucharest twice already and we keep meeting awesome people in this city. Keep them coming!
Last week we were in Seneca Anti-cafe, one of our headquarters, for what we proudly called a “Artsy+ Techy” meeting on our Facebook event. Not being able yet to decide which audience exactly we should talk to (startups, creative industries), we wanted to get in touch with people who love museums and who also happen to have a few innovative ideas.

Bucharest_Creative MeetUp

We have been thinking of adding a Day 3 to the conference pretty much as we set foot in Bucharest for the first time, perceiving a high need and demand for developing both the cultural sector and the budding startup community. What best to full on jump on the train, then, with an extra day dedicated to connect two different worlds since we believe this how the future of museums will be made (at least partly). So here we are, preparing and Art + Tech fair, for lack of better words!

The turnout was great, even more so since we employed the term “museums” in our flyers and it turned out to be somewhat unclear what we were up to for a lot of people. We were able to present We Are Museums as well as our concept for Day 3: curating a selection of 20-25 startups (from Romania, neighbouring countries and Western Europe), mixing it with talks with museums and entrepreneur visionaries, and topping it with a festive and artsy atmopshere. We have the place, we have the idea, now we need the people!


So what is next? Aside from a few applications for the fair, which will be online on 1 November (think apps, innovative projects, co-curating events, creative spaces), it got clear that, on top of connecting museums to innovative startups, we need to act as a medium between in our network, connecting startups from all across Europe and letting people know who is doing something close to them. Point taken!

First thing first, save the date: 8 june 2016 in Bucharest! Then if you are interested in taking part, send us a love call, we love them. We will keep you posted real soon?


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