Tomorrow is September 16th, and it is the opening of Take Me (I’m Yours) at the Jewish Museum NYC. The exhibition is a recreation of an exhibition that first took place at the Serpentine Gallery in 1995 and then at La Monnaie de Paris in 2015. It is a group show of more than 40 artists who create small specific artworks that are produced in 10,000 pieces each for the visitors to take away.


What sets the Jewish Museum edition of the exhibition apart is the creation of a community prior to the exhibition through crowdfunding. Of course, launching a kickstarter campaign to fund Take Me (I’m Yours) on the one hand caters to the need of financing for a very costly exhibition. Then again, it also is a way to create a real community around the museum – a community that will be extended by the visitors who will take the artworks. As Director of Special Exhibitions and Public Programs of the Jewish Museum Jens Hoffmann says “Every museum is part of a community and is a community, and a community is about giving and sharing.”
Crowdfunding is also a way to share pieces of the exhibition with people who won’t necessarily be able to visit Take Me (I’m Yours). Indeed, the rewards include artwork by the artists that take part in the exhibition. Backers will receive a piece a community home, starting at the very affordable price of $25: Laurence Weiner temporary tattoos, Alex Israel pins, postcards from Hans Ulrich Obrist…

Kickstarter creates a real Receive Me (I’m Yours) dynamic through contributions that are significant to the realization of the exhibition, instead of just the purchase of an artwork.


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