Just bringing down museum walls is no longer enough to transmit cultural values and knowledge. Museums and cultural institutions need to embrace and advocate a  policy of total openness of their collections with no limits on space, time, use and ownership.

From the opening of data to the enhancement of heritage in the age of open APIs and artificial intelligence, museums are looking for guidance through these different stages so that tomorrow’s accessible heritage is usable and relevant.

API Culture Day in Lyon, France

To work towards smart and sustainable openess of culture’s data, we launched the API Culture Day in collaboration with the french startup biinlab.

This touring series of events aim to raise awareness on the potential of open APIs today in a time of Open-Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The first edition was organised at the Fine Arts Museum of Lyon in France on June 28th. During this day of reflection and inspiration around the use of APIs in culture, we tried to understand how the promotion and mediation of heritage are being changed with the opening of museum data and their APIs and with the new uses of machine learning.

Format: 3 keynotes from museum experts + a collaborative workshop to identify the museum’s needs in new mediation tools fostered by open APIs and produce first prototype.

Experts: Isabelle Reusa, API consultant, Curator APIDays and Ex. RMN (France), Philippe Rivière, in charge of digital technology at Paris Museums (France), Diane Drubay, Founder of We Are Museums (France)

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API Culture Day in Berlin, Germany

The second edition of the API Culture Day with be in Berlin starting on December 10th at the Humboldt Forum, in collaboration between Stadtmuseum Berlin, Yunow and We Are Museums. It  aims to create a platform to discuss open access for culture with the museums of Berlin and accelerate the adoption of the licencing policies and tools for openness.

Structured in 3 stages, this series of events will introduce and support Berlin museums to open access and open APIs from the practical side to the systemic change. The event will be composed of three keynotes by international experts, followed by the harvest of museum’s needs and pain points (policy level + technological level) and a collaborative workshop to work together and what should be the next steps.

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