Start acting!

Organise a meeting and open the discussion

Do you want to raise awareness and start a conversation on the climate emergency among your museum colleagues? We make things easy for you to organise an event by yourself.

During the pilot event of our programme ‘Museums Facing Extinction’ in November 2019 in Berlin, we gathered the learnings of 12 museum professionals who already took action towards a climate-resilient future.

It is now your turn to organise a meeting with your colleagues, watch these videos together, react to their provocations, start a discussion, identify what are your own challenges and share it back to the community!

Reach out and let us know  about the event you want to organise so we can promote it to our community as well and add your productions online.

Regional events

February 3rd 2020: MOD Museum / Museum of Discovery, Adelaide, Australia

Kristin Alford, director of the MOD Museum, shared her expertise via videoconference at our pilot event in November 2019 in Berlin. It is after this event that she decided to use some content produced during the workshop and to share it with her colleagues from other museums and cultural institutions in South Australia. The meeting gathered around 35 participants.

During the event, they shared some reflections on the programme “Museums Facing Extinction” in Berlin including the four levels of actions from the website and using the Call to Action Video. Then, they watched a selection of short provocative videos by the MFE experts (Diane Drubay, Bridget McKenzie, Camilla Tham, Robert R. Janes, Stephan Brandt, Cara Courage, Miranda Massie and Ewa Chomicka). The event finished with an open discussion to reflect on the videos and think on how to locally respond to the Calls to Action.

You can read one summary of the event here. 

February 26th 2020: Västernorrlands Museum, Härnösand, Sweden

Kajsa Hartig, Head of Department, Collections and Cultural Environments at Västernorrlands Museum in Sweden organised a meeting with her museum colleagues from communication, programming, exhibitions/documentation and research departments.

During the meeting, the group watched a few videos from our pilot event in Berlin, reflect on the idea and provocations shared and detailed the five levels of actions suggested.

In the end, they decided to have an internal meeting (or two) where they gather their thoughts on what has been done in terms of sustainability, and supporting society in actions against climate change. The group also decided to organise a workshop on May 6 gathering regional museums and organisations within the heritage sector.

September 24th 2020: Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost, Germany

Diane Drubay will introduce the five levels of actions designed during the pilot event of Museums Facing Extinction in order to collectively developed it and bring it towards its augmented version.

A detailed presentation of each level will be given, followed by peers sharing and a collective design workshop.

October 13th 2020: French National Heritage Center, Paris, France

In response to the climate emergency, Heritage and Culture are innovating and transforming, are committed and taking action. In order to understand the situation and to be inspired to act better, the French National Heritage Center asked We Are Museums to curate and moderate an event inspired by “Museums Facing Extinction”. We have brought together experts who will take the pulse of the situation and challenge you: Suzanne REYNDERS (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique), Cara COURAGE (Tate), Thanh-Tam LÊ, (EIT Climate-KIC France), Alexandra de BOUHELLIER, Centre Pompidou), Lionel ARNAULT (French National Heritage Center), Lucie MARINIER (City of Paris) and Laurence PERRILLAT (Les Augures).

These ressources are at your disposal to organise your event:

We suggest an event format to be used

  • Introduction of the day

  • Quick presentation of the programme ‘Museums Facing Extinction’

  • Presentation of the 4 levels of actions: 1. Your museum represents 80,000 museums worldwide 2. Use your voice 3. Act like a neighbour 4. Turn your museum green

  • Screenings of a selection or all “Provocations” videos (link)

  • Local Mapping (short presentations explaining who is doing what and how). The museum experts attending the local event present a (strictly timed) 5-minute provocation involving: – No more than 5 slides/images – An overview of their approach to tackling climate change in their museum – A case study of the initiative that’s had the most impact for them to date – A ‘take away’ action/provocation / question or challenge they’d like to group to help them solve in this weekend

  • Reactions and Solutions Unpacking to Reply locally to the Calls to Action:  Group conversations to react to the different Provocations, propose topics for discussion to unpack learnings and solutions from the short presentations and/or related to the 5 core themes. This can be organised as an Open Space workshop or as an Open Discussion within the group.

  • Documentation and Share: Gather the ideas/learnings / solutions / resources identified to share it online with our community (photos from the event + video from the local Provocations + useful links)

Listen to international museum colleagues already engaged in climate actions

During our pilot event in Berlin, we gather international experts to share their practices of climate actions within their museum as well as provocating the museum sector to change.

The group called for an emergency, but also for engagement, togetherness, openness, long-term commitment and emotional intelligence to foster the creation of regenerative culture and transformative change. It became obvious that new mindsets and skills were needed to nurture the collective action and co-develop ecological imagination and a new ethic of care.

Watch the videos with your colleagues and understand how our guests activated the green potential of their museum: 

Consider and work on 4 levels of actions 

Read the details of each level here, define what are your priorities, list what you have already done, and list the challenges or questions you would like to work on during a ‘Museums Facing Extinction’ workshop (reach out to organise with us one workshop).

Brand Identity / Promotion Pack

We prepare a template of a poster and social media banner to be used for your promotion. You will also find some illustrations, icons and gif in the promotion pack.