Our mission: to turn museums and their local communities into climate leaders, and foster systemic changes towards a climate-resilient future.

A series of events designed by EIT Climate-KIC and We Are Museums

They support the programme “Museums Facing Extinction” by organising events within their institution: Futurium (Germany), Museum of Discovery (Australia), IdeK / Västernorrlands Museums, French National Heritage Center (France), Mo Museum (Lithuania).

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They participated in ‘Museums Facing Extinction’ events: Natural History Museum of London, Tate, UN Live Museum, Polin Museum, Futurium, Manchester Museum, Climate Museum UK, Museum of Discovery, Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice, Climate Museum US, Museum of Movements, Museum Für Naturkunde Berlin.

From local to systemic

A programme to develop solutions and actions for museums to respond to the climate emergency by We Are Museums in collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC

This programme aims to produce a database of actions and take-outs,  immediately implementable in any museum – small or large, and encouraging their communities to move towards a climate-friendly future. 

By combining the expertise of EIT Climate-KIC with the international community of We Are Museums, we want to construct a blueprint for a better future.

We have been working on a transformation process, starting with the pilot event in November 2019 at the Futurium in Berlin (Step 1), followed by a series of local awareness-building events in South Australia, Sweden, Paris and Berlin and a series of small-scale workshops happening across Europe (Step 2 &3 ). Next in line will be testing & implementing actions and solutions (Step 4) and revision of systemic impact and global sharing of best practices (Step 5).

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International museum experts provoke the museum industry to act for the future of our planet

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Raise awareness! Organise your own event and start the discussion

Do you want to inspire your museum or museum colleagues to be commited to the climate change agenda? Do you want to start a conversation on the climate crisis among your museum colleagues?

We gather experts from the Natural History Museum London, Tate, Climate Museum UK, POLIN Museum, UN Live Museum, Museum of Movements, Climate Museum US, Manchester Museum, Museum of Discovery in Australia, and more, to produce exclusive ready to be used by you to organise your own awareness event.

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February 3rd 2020: MOD Museum / Museum of Discovery, Adelaide, Australia

February 26th 2020: Västernorrlands Museum, Härnösand, Sweden

March 19th 2020: French National Heritage Center, Paris, France (register here)

March 31st 2020: Museum Think Tank Berlin, Berlin, Germany (join the group)

May 6th 2020: Västernorrlands Museum, Härnösand, Sweden

Do you have a challenge to solve? Organise a workshop

You and your colleagues are comitted to the climate change agenda? You are now ready to take action? Read the different levels of action we listed, identify what you want to work on and we will help you solving your challenge with a 2-3 days workshop.

The group will be composed of hand-picked local and international museums, experts in systemic change, social impact, community engagement, biomimicry, scientists, artists, activists, etc.

Go deeper

Five levels of actions for museums to act for the planet

The following five levels of museum action serve as a framework to give a working structure for the team to co-design respective solutions:

1. Join Forces with the Museum Community Worldwide

2. Use Your Voice

3. Act Like a Neighbor

4. Go for Digital Sobriety

5. Turn Your Physical Museum Green

Take a look at our pilot event:

21-24 November 2019 at the Futurium, Berlin, Germany

The pilot event took place at the Futurium, the recently-opened and future-focused museum in Berlin. We welcomed around 25 museum experts with expertise around climate action and community engagement, as well as a variety of experts like architects, journalists, systemic innovation designers, and more.

A key factor of the success of this series of events is the diffusion potential of our dissemination partners. We join arms with great partner to be able to reach out to an many museums as possible all around the globe to facilitate the adoption of our toolkits:

Climate Museum UK, Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice, UN Live – United Nations Museum, Natural History Museum of London, ICOM Sustainability Working Group, Museum Associations UK, Climate Museum US, California Association of Museums.

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In a context of high climate emergency, the potential of museums as agents of social and environmental change is vast. From their physicality to their voice as a large community of 80 000 museums internationally, it is time for museums to embrace this new role and embody the behaviour and values that will impact our future. Therefore, we wish to capitalise on the strength of the We Are Museums community composed of the most daring and committed museum professionals, combined with the experts from EIT Climate-KIC and their theory of change to construct a blueprint for a better future.

The events will enable us to collect best-field-tested practices and produce a database of universal solutions. The goal for participating museums is to articulate and agree on applicable, actionable, but straightforward steps with micro to a massive influence. These results will be shared with the international museum community to ensure a maximum impact. This series of events will have the power to accelerate the fight of the climate emergency and extinction through museums, their neighbours, local partners, civic stakeholders, etc.

Each event will be an occasion to review the last solutions produced during the previous one to make sure the answers can be implemented universally by museums worldwide. The online portal of the solution database will act as a central place for museum and culture experts to get inspired, ask questions to the community and take actions.


EIT Climate-KIC is an EU funded knowledge and innovation community who’s purpose is to tackle climate change through innovation. They are Europe’s largest public-private partnership with this purpose – a growing pan-European community of diverse organisations united by a commitment to direct the power of creativity and human ingenuity at the climate change challenge.

Their Community Activation team is running a series of experimental sessions, like this one, involving pioneering thinkers and organizations across Europe. During these sessions, with their partners and community, they will observe and identify patterns, make observations and search for learnings with the aim of finding unique insights to support systemic level change.

To find out more, refer to the Transformation, in Time strategy.

In 2019, We Are Museums celebrated a seven-year-long journey going from a conference inspiring and gathering around 300 museum professionals worldwide to a movement of museums good for people and the planet fueled by social and technological innovations. 

We Are Museums‘ aims to align museums as places of inclusive growth and sustainable development, where the primary metrics are about social and environmental impact. We strive to be a forward-thinking platform, reading the signs of the times and the shape of things to come. In doing so, we support the museum institutions embarked on change cycles that keep it aligned to its ethos, connected and relevant to communities and acknowledging the humans, staff, collaborators, communities and visitors as its central pivot.