The next level of museums will be a bioinspired living system which is integrated into his environment and community.

We Are Museums and the Biomimicry Academy wants to think museums in a new way. Museums are no more archives for the past. The museum will become part of society and will provide knowledge from the past, ideas for the future and opinions for the present. It will be more like a building it will be a person to discuss with and to develop new ideas to act, react and evolve.

Museums are safe and livable places where transformation is the heartbeat of the provided experiences.

They are fabulous tools for people to understand, reflect, share and talk about a topic. Reactive cultural programmers can tell stories differently, transform a narrative so that it awakens minds, reach people and benefits communities.

Creating living spaces where everyone can feel free to learn, share, think or act is an essential milestone when it comes to building sustainable communities.

By facilitating new connections and productions and creating a unique network, new communities-based biodiversity is created. Tthe richness, a modern museum’s community, lies in its randomness. It could be composed of indigenous communities, activist groups and social movements, interest-based associations, researchers and innovators, civil society organisations, artists and creatives, startups and companies and transient visitors.

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Biomimicry is the method, toolbox, science and art to learn from nature to design our human products, systems and way of living more sustainable, circular and beneficial for all life on earth.

The Biomimicry Academy aims to teach European and international enthusiasts in Biomimicry, Bioinspiration and Circular Innovation with a strong focus on implementation. It is a joint venture of the innovation network phi360, Biomimicry Germany e.V. and partners from the European Biomimicry Alliance.

We Are Museums since 2013 has been building a global museum community of changemakers and innovators. It began as an annual conference gathering together and inspiring over 300 museum professionals from around the globe. WAM has transformed into a movement founded on the ethos “social and technological innovations can empower museums to become good for people and for the planet”.