STEP #1: Raising awarness at We Are Museums 2019 

Taking the first step in museum’s transformation towards becoming a neighboor, we placed the necessity of connecting with our local communities at the heart of 2019’s edition programme, to foster the idea of museums embedded in sustainable, benevolent communities.

When a museum reaches out to its community, it becomes a cherished urban feature and a social hub. And when a museum opens itself to its neighbours’ needs and becomes a valued service provider we call this ‘MuseumHood’ – where ‘neighbourhood’ and ‘brotherhood’ come together. How museums can be actors of the solidarity economy? Where does the social purpose of your institution begin?

STEP #2: Research on Biomimetic Museums

Towards a symbiotic ecosystem at the museum.

In September 2019, We Are Museums and the Biomimicry Academy started a 9-months research-project to identify how museums could be transformed to connect with their communities and neighbours better, inspired by Nature.