We are Museums is now the proud parent of Museum Rocket, our young entrepreneurs and small business fair offspring!

We have long supported the idea that many museums are ripe for furthering their collaboration with techies and creative industries. Not only that but some institutions have started nurturing young and fresh initiative themselves and we have regularly commanded them for that.
We believe that the future of museums will be based on unlocking this creativity in a way that works for them so that they are part of all this great world of new solutions and enhancing the relations between people and places.
Already some museums have boarded the ship. There has been the ongoing effort of the Metropolitan Museum of Art media Lab to direct the potential fo makers and designers straight to the museums. We have written about the work at New Inc, the New Museum’s own startup incubator. And then more broadly, Rijksstudio has lent a voice to a huge number of creatives by making their collection available and encouraging everyone to make something out of it.

We want to follow up with the philosophy and take one next step, where we encourage one local economy to direct its energy towards museums and arts instituions in a mutually beneficial mindset. having set foot in Bucharest for We Are Museums 2016, we have met young creatives and guess what, we want to work for them as well. There is a lot of ideas there, and lots of things waiting to happen, so we say, let’s accelerate the process and put the cultural sector and entrepreneurship on fire!

On 8 June, we will have a whole day of talks and meetings packed with advice for all young entrepreneurs.
We really could not say it enough: all startups which have a solution they are thinking could apply to the cultural sector, if not exclusively are welcome!

Who will be at Museum Rocket then? Well Martijn Pronk from Rijksmuseum will be sharing about his experience with Rijsksstudio. Tony Guillan from Tate who will tell us all about the IK Prize and how its core values match with the dynamics we are trying to create here. Many more will be announced! Also, be ready to meet Kalam Ali, a business angel working with European Pioneers whose experience with accelerating startups and advice will be invaluable.

Who will attend Museum Rocket? Well firstly, our We Are Museums delegates, that is Museum professionals, digital projects managers, businesses and so on. We also expect to welcome you all, people from Bucharest and Romania with a passion for innovation, fresh ideas, good food and nice atmosphere.

And the silver lining is….we have 25 spaces free of charge for startups who want to exhibit their ideas and prototypes. Yes, you’ve heard right! So if you want to pitch your idea and be with us for this memorable first, head to our registration form before 15 February!


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